Sunday, November 12, 2017

Way Up High in the Apple Tree! (OC) Teacher Lisa

We had all kinds of fun with apples this week! On Monday at the art table children glued strips of newspaper to apple shapes. Then they used paintbrushes to cover them with a coat of glue before setting them aside to dry.

On Wednesday, they painted over them again with a layer of red paint - enough to add some color but also let the newspaper show through. They practiced writing the letter A and glued the caption "A is for Apple" on the back. Their creations will be on display in our hallway for the next couple of weeks.

We measured how tall each child is using apples as our unit of measurement. This fun activity incorporated counting, patterning and comparing numbers. Children recorded how many apples tall they are and this, along with a photo, will go into their portfolios.

Our other parent-led activity this week was playing a game called "Sneaky, Snacky Squirrel". See if your child can explain it to you!

We kept a lot of the activities out from last week since they only had one day to use them. They are still having lots of fun at the seed table.

The kinetic sand is still in our tub and the children discovered that lots of our play dough toys work very well with it!

There were some tree blocks out on our building table for stacking and organizing.

The creation station was very busy and we love seeing the ideas generated at this table!

At the light table children used tongs to organize pumpkins, leaves and acorns in a variety of different ways.

There were some illustrations from Leaf Man out on the flannel board.

There were pipe cleaner trees with branches to decorate using pony beads and leaves.

We are happy that we finally have 3 new goldfish in our fish tank!

Here are some other pictures taken during our free time:

At the carpet we learned a new song about spending time with the people we love and got to play bells and tambourines as we walked in a circle.

Some of the books we read included, Miss Suzy, Livingstone Mouse, Owl Babies, and Goodnight Owl. We also learned a new name game called, "Up the Ladder." See if your child can teach this catchy rhythm to you :).

We have a board game about Livingstone Mouse that the children enjoyed playing after they heard the story.

Everyone did an awesome job on picture day. JT is great with them and going up to the picture bus was a fun adventure! 

Next week we look forward to more fun with apples, leaves and everything "fall." It will be so nice to have a full week of school!

As always, thank you for sharing your children with us - we love coming to "work" every day!

Lisa and Sheri

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