Sunday, November 5, 2017

Transitioning to fall in the YC-Teacher Susie

What a fun week with your children! We celebrated Halloween on Tuesday and started our transition into fall on Thursday.

Our water table was filled with everything needed to make apple pie.  We had pie tins, cut-out foam apples, whisks and beaters.  Your kids whipped up some tasty concoctions!

Our seed table was farm inspired, we had all sorts of farm animals and tractors.

On Tuesday, our light table had purple film covering it and blank picture frames with Halloween items so your kids could make their own artistic creations.

On Thursday we had translucent builders on our light table.

At creation station on Tuesday we had ghost shapes with lots of Halloween stickers.

On Thursday we had fall leaf shapes for the kids to decorate.

Our building table has our own version of a haunted house on it.


Orange play-doh and cookie cutters have been super fun to play with this week.

We have farm animals on our flannel board.

Here are some pictures of your sweet kids during free play:

The kids made a fun Halloween treat on Tuesday.  We filled plastic gloves with candy corn and popcorn.  We hope they enjoyed eating them at home!

Our second activity on Tuesday was bowling.  We had a pumpkin decorated ball that the kids used to bowl with.  They had lots of fun and it was cute to see them cheering for each other!

On Thursday we used liquid water color to paint paper towel leaves.

We also played an apple counting dice game on Thursday. The kids rolled the die and counted out the corresponding number of apples.  They rolled until their tree had 10 apples.  

On Tuesday we made witches brew with the juice boxes you brought.  The kids each got to add their juice to the pot while pretending it was a special ingredient.  We had a wide variety of ingredients such as cobwebs, spiders, ribs, bones and eyeballs.  We added dry ice at the end, said a little spell and watched the pot bubble and smoke.  The kids thought it was super fun and got to drink the brew during snack.

As always, thank you for sharing your kids with us!

Teacher Susie and Teacher Meghan

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