Sunday, November 12, 2017

Owl Babies and apples in the YC - Teacher Meghan

What an exciting week we had with your little ones. On Tuesday we had an owl from the Audubon Society come and visit and on Thursday we had picture day!

On Tuesday the kids made owl babies in honor of our owl friend coming to visit. First the kids covered pine cones in white downy fluff and then they added google eyes, a beak and some feathers. The owls are adorable and are on display in our display case out in the hallway. Come and take a look!


The highlight of our week was having Julio the owl come and visit from the Audubon Society.  The kids got to observe Julio and ask questions about owls. A huge THANKS to Jordan for bringing our feathered friend for a visit.


On Thursday the kids tasted red, yellow and green apples and got to decide which color apple they liked the best. Friends were surprised how different each apple tasted. After the kids selected their favorite color apple we graphed the results. Red apples were the class favorite. Ask your child which was their favorite type!

In an effort to keep all of our friends paint free for picture day, we painted apples in ziploc bags. We placed a white paper apple and some squirts of paint in a plastic bag and sealed the bag up tight.  Then the kids squished, rolled and squashed their paint all over the apples. The results turned out really cool!

The kids enjoyed our tub full of apples for an additional week.

As always lots of creative juices were flowing at the writing table and creation station. Friends got busy with stamps, dobbers, markers, glue and tape as they made art of all kinds.

At the building table this week we had lincoln logs and bears for the kids to play with.

At the texture table the farm fun continued much to the children's delight.

All around the classroom we had apple themed activities for the kids to explore and play.

Dress up was a huge hit this week and we saw many butterflies, mermaids and fire fighters playing around the classroom.

At circle time this week we introduced rhythm sticks as the new musical instrument!

We also celebrated a few friends' birthdays this week!

Outside we enjoyed a brief respite from the rain. The crisp fall air felt great.

Thanks for a wonderful week with your children. We look forward to exploring squirrels and leaves next week with your kids!

See you on Tuesday,
Meghan and Susie

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