Sunday, November 12, 2017

It's 'Owl' About Fall in the YC! - Teacher Sheri

This week, we made pine cone owl babies, read books about owls, and were lucky enough to have a REAL owl visit Small Friends. Between that and picture day, we stayed very busy!

A huge THANK YOU to our Younger Class parent, Jordan, who brought in a beautiful owl named Julio from the Audubon Society. What a treat! The children took turns coming in to see Julio up close. They learned interesting facts about owls and got to ask questions about this awesome bird.

In the classroom, the children made their own little pine cone owl babies. After picking a pine cone, they wrapped their 'baby' in batting to create its downy feathers, then added eyes, a beak and feathers.  They are so sweet and the kids are very proud of them, so come take a peek in our hallway display case. 

Around the room, the kids explored everything.....

The texture table was full of squirrels, windmills, scoops and buckets.

Kinetic sand remained in the tub this week and they love the sensory experience of this medium.

They stacked wood tree blocks and squirrels at the building table.

At the light table, they could practice using tongs to pick up acorns and pumpkins to sort and play with.

Pipe cleaner trees could be decorated with pony beads and leaves, which is such great fine motor practice.

Delightful playdough cakes and cookies were made!

They are starting to seek out and choose games to play from our game shelves.

On Thursday, it was an apple extravaganza! We had apple tasting at one table with red, yellow, and green apples to try. Yum! 

The kids then got to place a paper apple on a graph indicating which apple was their favorite. At carpet time, we talked about the graph and it was a great visual to illustrate everyone's preferences. Green came out on top!

At the other activity table, we achieved a mess free art project (for picture day!) without missing out on the joy of smushing paint and color mixing! After squirting paint onto a paper apple shape, we zipped closed a plastic bag and they spread that paint all around, creating colorful apples!

At carpet time, we read Owl Babies, Good Night Owl, and learned a poem called Wide Eyed Owl, and the Squirrely Shake Your Bushy Tail song.

Our class photo was Thursday and between tongues out, fidgeting, arms up, laughing, crying, Lisa and I just smiled thinking about how much we LOVE this class and all the fun we have seeing their personalities emerge.  Thank you for letting us be part of their lives!

We look forward to more marvelous fall activities next week.

See you soon!

Sheri and Lisa

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