Sunday, November 5, 2017

Happy Halloween in the OC! - Teacher Sheri

What a fun two days in the Older Class! We loved all the costumes and our little Halloween celebration. After that we jumped right into fall...can you believe it's November?

On Monday, the kids made creepy pizzas and got to choose their own delicious toppings.

Out in the hallway was jack 'o lantern bowling.  Always a fun gross motor activity!

The highlight of our day was definitely making the special Magic Brew. Each child got to add their juice and say some magic words before the secret ingredient (dry ice) was added. It was quite tasty at snack time!

Around the room, there was so much to glitter slime oozed out onto the light table.

We had kinetic sand in the tub along with squirrels and tree builders to play with.

Halloween games were out on the tables such as Bingo and spider ring counting....this class is always up for new games!

The texture table had squirrels, buckets, and windmills.

At creation station, they decorated ghost and candy corn shapes.

We also had candle warmers the next day and the kids could melt crayons onto leaf shapes. They really enjoyed this activity and the consistency of the melted crayon makes some beautiful colors. We will put this out again soon!

Armed with safety goggles and hammers, the kids pounded nails and golf tees into pumpkins.

On Wednesday, we shifted our focus to fall and the kids dropped watercolor with paintbrushes on paper towels to create fall leaves on a tree. Gorgeous!

Our other activity that day was placing new mementos in memory boxes and recording a memory in their sticker book.


The kids created and played and retold stories they'd heard that week.

The crunch of the leaves beneath our feet this week has reminded us that fall is officially here and we are excited to start talking about all things fall - like apples, squirrels, nuts, leaves, and more!

Thank you for all you do - we love all our families and are so happy you are part of Small Friends.

See you soon!

Sheri and Lisa

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