Sunday, November 5, 2017

Halloween celebrations and feelings of Autumn in the OC.... Teacher Meghan

What an exciting two days at preschool. On Monday we celebrated Halloween with spooky pizzas, pumpkin bowling and a mysterious witches brew. On Wednesday we transitioned into Fall with leaf paintings and Memory Boxes. 

In celebration of Halloween on Monday the kids made spooky pizzas on english muffins. They had the option of adding sauce, cheese, black olives and pepperoni. The kids loved gobbling up all their hard work.

We also had pumpkin bowling available out in the hallway which the kids loved!

In the classroom the kids built structures with pumpkin candy and play dough.

At the light table we had black frames and spooky glow-in-the-dark Halloween characters.

The kids loved playing a game called Shape Monster.

At the water table we had all the fixing for apple pie. Pie tins, hand mixers, whisks and foam apples made for some delicious fall treats!

At our texture table we had a barn with tractors and farm animals available for imaginative play.

Our flannel board also had a farm scene available for the kids to explore and set up.

Around the room the kids frolicked and played in their awesome Halloween costumes.

During our circle time we made a delicious and mysterious witches brew. Each child added juice to our cauldron as we said magical words. After everyone had contributed to the brew we added our secret ingredient (dry ice). The kids loved watching the steam and listening to the bubbles coming from their special brew.

On Wednesday we shifted gears and started exploring all things Fall. Over the next few weeks we will be looking at leaves, apples and squirrels.

On Wednesday the kids added pumpkins and spiders to their memory boxes and reflected on their favorite memories of Halloween and October.

Our other activity on Wednesday was painting autumn trees with red, yellow and orange liquid watercolor on paper towels.

Around the classroom there were feelings of Autumn everywhere.

At recess we enjoyed the crisp air and a few rays of sunshine.

We are so excited for another fun week of laughter, play and exploration with your little ones. 

See you on Monday,
Meghan and Susie

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