Sunday, November 5, 2017

And Just Like That, It's November! (YC) Teacher Lisa

We had so much fun celebrating Halloween on Tuesday! Everyone (who wanted to wear them) looked great in their costumes and our magic brew was delicious! The children each poured their juice into the cauldron and then Teacher Sheri added our secret ingredient (dry ice). It was quite exciting to hear the rolling bubbles and watch as steam spilled out over the side.

We made creepy hands by dropping candy corn "fingernails" into clear gloves and then filling them with popcorn.

There were skeleton bowling pins to knock down with a jack-o-lantern bowling ball.

The kids had fun all week with slime on the light table. There was a slotted shelf for it to drip through for lots of cutting practice. There were also bowls and acrylic shapes for children to explore with.

Squirrels scurried around in the texture table, burying their acorns in flax seed. There were pieces of wood, trees and windmills for them to climb as well.

There were skeletons and bats (Tuesday) and then squirrels in our water tub, along with kinetic sand and a variety of wooden sticks and circles.

Wearing their safety goggles, children hammered nails and golf tees into the pumpkins on our building table.

Some of the other activities the children enjoyed around the room during their free play time included playing games, looking at books, creating with play dough, and (of course) giving Louise lots of love.

On Thursday children dabbed large paintbrushes filled with red, orange or yellow water color on paper towel to make gorgeous fall leaves.

They also played "Spin the Block", a game to help familiarize them with all of the different block shapes we have, and to learn how they are organized on the shelves.

We read stories, danced like skeletons and played a name game during our carpet time.

Now that fall is officially in the air, we'll be doing lots of activities with leaves, apples, squirrels, owls and more! We have a very special guest coming on Tuesday - the kids will be so surprised!

We'll see you all soon. Thanks, as always, for sharing your children with us and for all of the wonderful ways you contribute to our time together.

Lisa and Sheri

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