Friday, November 17, 2017

Its getting squirrely in the OC- Teacher Meghan

It was getting a little "squirrely" in the classroom this week. We explored leaves and squirrels in our parent led projects and many of the new activities that we had set up in the classroom had a squirrel theme. This week we also did two cooking activities and the results were delicious! 

On Monday we made apple pie in a cup. The kids helped chop apples to make homemade apple sauce and also helped crush graham crackers to make a crust. After getting assistance from our little chefs we layered the ingredients in cups. We started with crushed graham crackers as the base. Next we added a layer of warm homemade apple sauce. We finished with a squirt of whipped cream. The results were delicious!!!

 The students did observational leaf drawings on Monday.

On Wednesday the students painted their leaf drawings with liquid watercolor. 

On Wednesday the kids combined baking soda and vinegar in apples to make "apple explosions". The kids loved observing the chemical reaction that occurred when these two substances were combined.

On Friday the kids made a"squirrel snack" which included cheerios, pretzels, goldfish and a teaspoon of mini chocolate chips. After the kids made the snacks our parent helper hid the snack in the room. The kids got to pretend to be squirrels and find where their snack was hidden in the room.

Our other activity on Friday was  measuring how tall each kiddo was using apples as our unit of measurement. This fun activity incorporated counting and patterning. Children recorded how many apples tall they were on a special page for their end of the year books.

In the water tub this week we had kinetic sand, wood, acorns, squirrels and cups. The kids had so much fun exploring the unique characteristics of the kinetic sand with the help of their woodland friends.

At the texture table we had an invasion of squirrels!

At the light table we had a color sorting activity with translucent dots and different colored squirrels.

At creation station the kids continued to create using different autumn themed items.

One of the fine motor activities we had available this week was decorating trees made out of pipe cleaners with silk leaves and pony beads.

Last week we taught the kids the game Sneaky Squirrel. This week we had the game available in the classroom for the kids to play.

At the building table this week we had wooden blocks shaped like leaves, squirrels and logs for the kids to build with.

Here are a few photos of all the fun that was occurring around the room!

At circle time this week the kids enjoyed playing rhythm sticks, participating in a Thankful yoga sequence and learning a song about a family of sharks.

Thanks for another wonderful week, we love working with your kids!
Meghan and Susie