Sunday, November 26, 2017

Happy Thanksgiving! (OC) Teacher Lisa

We had so much fun anticipating Thanksgiving together this week. There were turkeys everywhere!

In the texture table there were clay pots with turkey faces and lots of brightly colored feathers. Children enjoyed filling the pots or making piles of seeds and stuffing feathers into them.

There were inflatable turkeys in our water tub, along with sprigs of rosemary, cranberries, basters, whisks, nets and cups. Our chefs stayed quite busy.

At the creation station several friends worked diligently creating decorations to take home for Thanksgiving celebrations.

There were turkeys at the light table that the children could "feed" with colored discs.

We put classic Legos out at our building table and will definitely leave these out for another week. Not only did we see lots of creative building, but we also observed some great collaboration! Legos never get old :).

There were some big building projects at the carpet as well, as children worked together on Wednesday to construct this hospital.

Here are some other things that were happening during free play time this week:

At our art table on Monday, children painted leaves made from Sculpey. They used metallic paints and then added a dash (or more) of glitter. Most of them really enjoyed this project and took their time to create something beautiful.

Our other parent-led activity Monday was a game called Alphabet Soup. Children dipped ladles into pasta that also had alphabet beads in it. They identified the letters in their ladles and practiced making their sounds. Some also did a little word building.

On Wednesday we made Stone Soup (after having read that story on Monday). Children chopped carrots, zucchini, celery and potatoes and added them to the pot. The room smelled delicious!

We added a "thankful" page to our portfolios and this was the first chance the children have had to see just what we've been saving in these. Once they dictated something they were thankful for and decorated their page (if they wanted to), many of them lingered at the table to look through their binders from front to back.

We enjoyed doing the Freeze Dance with our instruments at the carpet this week. We also perfected some new dance moves during our Polka Dot Pants Dance and another new dance about different kinds of food. See if your child can show some to you!

We practiced our Thankful Yoga series and did some fierce lion breaths.

Our circle time on Wednesday was extra special. We passed a Love Rock around and everyone had an opportunity to say something they were thankful for. Everyone took it seriously and it was so sweet to hear your children expressing gratitude for families, friends, favorite toys and other blessings.

We were all thankful to have some dry weather for our recess time!

And it goes without saying we are always thankful for all of you and your children. You enrich our lives every day :). We hope you all had a blessed Thanksgiving with friends and family.

We will see you tomorrow!
Lisa and Sheri