Sunday, October 8, 2017

Under the circus tent in the YC - Teacher Meghan

Our circus theme continued this week as we prepared for our ice cream social and a visit from BJ the clown.

Baby Mabel and the fish get so much love from this crew of kids. The fish have never eaten so well and baby Mabel gets more back scratches than she knows what to do with each day.

At our texture table this week we had popcorn containers, cotton balls (popcorn) and circus animals to help get the little ones excited for our circus theme.

There was cloud dough in the water table with all the fixings to make the perfect ice cream cone, including  colorful sprinkles!!

We put out a new set of magnets this week which piqued the interest of many of our friends. 

At creation station this week we had all the making for perfect shimmery ice cream cones. The art easels continue to be  popular expressions of creativity. 

Acrobats and clowns invaded our building table.

At our light table we had translucent balloon shapes and round translucent tiles that the kids could sort by color.

The kids got busy making a variety of fun things with clown manipulatives and play dough.

Friends got busy with stampers at the writing table.

On our flannel board we had a crazy circus animal with different colored dots.

It is always fun to watch the kids engaged in imaginative play around the classroom.

On Tuesday the kids got the opportunity to make paper plate clown collages. They used buttons for eyes, a puff ball for the nose and feathers and paper scraps for the hair.

On Thursday we pulled out the shaving cream and let the kids enjoy this fun sensory experience. Some of our friends spent almost their entire free play time engaged in this activity.

Our second activity on Thursday was a circus obstacle course. The kids got to bounce, crawl and hop their way to circus fun. 

At circle time this week we had out new instruments, read several circus themed stories and did a poem about five silly clowns and sang a song about fish who love to swim.

The weather was amazing this week and we soaked up every minute of sunshine during our recess fun.

The highlight of the week was definitely our ice cream social. The kids were so excited to get their faces painted, watch BJ the clown's hilarious performance, eat ice cream and show their families their classroom.

Goodbye Circus and hello Halloween! Get ready for some creepy crawly spiders coming your way this week!

See you on Tuesday,
Meghan and Susie

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