Sunday, October 8, 2017

Tigers in the Tub and Elephants at the Easel (OC) - Teacher Lisa

Such a fun and busy week! We spent it at the circus, enjoying the following acts...

Wild animals prowled in the texture table.

Tigers attended tea parties in the water tub. This activity (along with several others) was in response to a story we read called, The Tiger Who Came to Tea.

Children built exotic animals using a variety of loose parts.

There were clowns for building and stacking.

An alphabet zoo came to life in our writing area.

Children had fun performing puppet shows for each other.

The timers we added to our play dough area were a hit and the oven held no end of tasty treats.

Elmer the Elephant got water color makeovers at the creation station.

As always, there was lots of imaginative play on the carpet and in the loft.

On Monday the children learned to play hopscotch. We had to chuckle when one exclaimed, "It's old school!" 

Using orange and black paper cut in different shapes, along with glue and yarn, children created unique tiger faces.

Wednesday the children tried painting like elephants, using feathers taped to toilet paper tubes as trunks. We read a book about real elephants who paint - pretty amazing!

"Elefun" was our second activity Wednesday. This is an energetic game where an elephant "sneezes" butterflies and children try to catch them in nets before they hit the ground.

On Friday each child dictated who they would invite to tea and decorated a page for their notebooks. Responses ranged from classmates to wild animals to super heroes!

We played an ice cream scoop game that incorporated counting, adding and for those who were interested, writing numbers.

We got the sticks out this week and the children learned a new song with Teacher Sheri.

We sang a song about wild animals on a school bus and acted out Caps For Sale.

We finished sharing Summer Memory Journals - the children have done such a great job with this!

We're still enjoying summery weather during our recess time. We know it won't last forever!


Of course, one of the best parts of our week was our Ice Cream Social. The shrieks and giggles lasted all evening long.

On Friday afternoon we packed the circus away and started opening our Halloween boxes. Spiders, bats and haunted houses await....we'll see you soon!

Lisa and Sheri


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