Sunday, October 1, 2017

The Circus is in Town! (OC) Teacher Sheri

Step right up - the circus is in town! The Older Class had so much fun this week with the Big Top tent, "ice cream" in the water tub, circus games, and more.  It really got us in the mood for the upcoming Ice Cream Social!

Around the room, they could explore the circus theme. At the texture table, popcorn containers could be filled with cotton ball popcorn and paper butter- yum!

In the water tub, it was cloud dough "ice cream."  This mixture of flour and baby oil is a great sensory experience and there was imaginative play, scooping, and sprinkling.  Between the popcorn and the ice cream being served to us, Teacher Lisa and I were full of pretend food! ;)

They had fun getting inside the circus tent!


At creation station, colored paper ice cream and cones were out for the children to design their own scoops.

The light table had transluscent wedgits to build with.

Many creations were made with the sticks and jacks on the building table.  They even became robot helmets!

Our art project on Monday was creating the fluffy cotton part of a cotton candy cone. The children used their hands to mix shaving cream, glue, and watercolor together.

The next school day, they practiced scissor skills by cutting out their candy and cutting a cone to put it on. We really noticed the care and concentration they gave this cutting and assembling project.

Our other parent activity involved counting, number recognition, and fine motor skills. The children identified a number on a cage, matched a key to the correct lock by counting the number of dots on the tag, and finally used the key to open the lock and take out the animal. They LOVED this activity and spent a lot of time with it.

On Wednesday, they played a patterning game called Glee Ring Circus.  They looked at color patterns and recreated the pattern by clicking colored circles onto clown sticks.

They got to imagine they were actual circus performers on Friday, as they made their way through an obstacle course!

After books and stories about clowns, they were able to imagine and paint one of their own. 

Teacher Lisa told a story about a circus and as she drew, the children had fun guessing the surprise ending - a clown face. Ask your kids if they remember how the different parts of the circus make up the clown face! 

Some other books we read were Goodnight Gorilla, The Circus Ship, and Harold and the Circus.

We continued sharing summer journals and really enjoy hearing from each child - they are doing so well standing up in front of their peers!

Next week we look forward to elephants, tigers, and zoo animals invading our classroom. Plus, the Ice Cream Social and BJ the Clown - hope to see you there!


Sheri and Lisa

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