Sunday, October 1, 2017

Step Right Up in our YC! Teacher Lisa

In anticipation of our Ice Cream Social, the circus came to town! Well, to Room F at least :). This week was filled with balloons, popcorn, ice cream, clowns and all things under the Big Top.

The children walked into the room to find our texture filled with scoops, popcorn buckets, cotton ball popcorn and crinkle paper butter (or cheese, depending on the vendor).

Our water tub had cloud dough - a mixture of flour and baby oil. It's soft and moldable, and this week we pretended it was ice cream. There were brightly colored cones and scoops for the children to fill, along with REAL sprinkles to shake over the top. Yum!

There were paper ice cream cones with sequin sprinkles out for the children at the creation station.

We even had a little circus tent out on the rug!

At the building table there were rods and connectors that the children could use to build structures for little clown counters to sit in.

If friends weren't in the mood for the circus, there were lots of other things to do, too.

Our parent-led activities this week included painting with balloons. Each balloon had a little bit of water inside it, so that as they gently bounced it on the paper, they could hear and feel it sloshing around. We arranged these paintings into the balloon bouquets that are hanging in our hallway.

We included several clown poems and stories during our rug time and then gave the children supplies to create their own clown face collages. Several of them enjoyed it so much that they returned to that table more than once.

On Thursday they could pretend to be clowns in the circus, doing a variety of tricks as they navigated an obstacle course we set up on the rug. They popped out of the tent to walk on stilts, go across the balance beam, bounce to a scooter, roll to a tunnel, crawl to the other side, and finished by jumping through a hula hoop (ring of fire). 

We read several stories about the zoo and circus animals during our rug time. Ask your child about the sneaky gorilla in Goodnight, Gorilla or the naughty monkeys in Caps For Sale. We played a game called, "Zookeeper, Zookeeper, Who Do You See?" so that we could practice everyone's names, and pretended we were clowns in a jumping game. Teacher Sheri taught a song called, "The Animals in the Zoo" and the children helped make all kinds of fierce animal sounds. See if they remember some of them!

We did our first "Tell and Draw" story about a circus and by the end of the story had drawn a clown! Its head was the circus tent, its hair was where the audience was seated, and the features of its face were the different acts under the Big Top. Maybe your child can tell you what they were!

We were grateful for another week of sun for our recess time!

Next week we will do some more zoo/circus activities as we get ready for our Ice Cream Social. We hope to see everyone there!

Thanks for sharing your silly clowns with us - they are a joy!
Lisa and Sheri

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