Sunday, October 1, 2017

Lions and Tigers and Elephants, oh my! - YC Teacher Susie

We had a zoo/animal theme this week in our class.  The kids have loved having a focus on animals.  We are continuing to settle in, get used to routines and are building friendships.  

Zoo animals invaded our seed table this week.  The kids have had fun both pouring and scooping and using their imagination with the animals.

We have magnatiles on our building table.

Mama and baby animals have been quite the attraction on our felt board.

Our light table has sensory bottles on it.  Some are filled with magnetic discs and some are color mixing bottles.  We have  magnetic wands out and it's been very magical to watch the kids explore this area.

Crazy creatures have been a huge hit this week.  We have interchangeable animal parts out and have created some pretty fun animals.

Would you like to have some tea?  Tigers and tea cups filled our water table.  

We love watching your kids during free play.  Their little wheels are spinning and their play captures the heart of their imagination.

We painted with tea bags during one of our parent led activities on Tuesday.

Our other parent activity was playing  the game Elefun.  In this game, "butterflies" fly out of the elephant's trunk and the kids use nets to catch them. 

Our parent led activities on Thursday were based on a book we read with the kids about an elephant named Elmer.  Elmer is a patchwork Elephant who stood out for being very colorful.  In the end of the book Elmer learns that being unique is what makes him special.

We sponge painted our very own Elmer elephants at the art table. 

We also played a math game using colored links to help build a longer trunk for Elmer.  After the children attached links they had fun counting how many they had attached.

We took full advantage of the sunshine this week.

Next week we will have a circus theme in our room and we will be talking a little bit about clowns. The kids will have a chance to see BJ the clown at our ice cream social so we like to give them some exposure to the concept of a clown.  BJ will be in a separate room at the ice cream social so they can still come and choose not to see him but still have ice cream and/or get their face painted.

Thank you for sharing your children with us!

Teacher Susie and Teacher Meghan

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