Sunday, October 8, 2017

Elephants, tigers, and BJ the Clown! (YC) Teacher Sheri

It's hard to believe October has begun and this sweet class has been in school for a whole month. Elephants, tigers, and zoo animals were a big part of our week, and the Ice Cream Social capped it all off!  

An alphabet zoo playset was one of the first places the children visited. 

Wild animals, shovels, and cups filled the texture table!

Inspired by one of the books we read, The Tiger Who Came to Tea, the water tub had a tea set and tigers.  They absolutely love making and serving things to one another, and especially filling the teapots and teacups.

We read the book Elmer, about a funny, multi colored elephant, and at creation station they could decorate their own elephant with colored pieces of paper. 

They also did some beading!

On Tuesday, our art project was dipping real teabags in colored water and dunking them on teacups.  Teabag painting is a really fun way of experimenting with color!

Out in the hallway, our other parent helper led rousing games of Elefun!  Little butterflies blow up and out of the the elephant's trunk and the children tried to catch them with their nets.

On Thursday, the kids used Do a Dot markers to make colorful elephants. This art will accompany the words to the song we learned, "Elephants on a Spiderweb," and will be part of a songbook the children will take home at the end of the year.

At our other table, the children gave Elmer long colorful trunks by choosing links and hooking them together!

Here are some pictures of other good things going on around the room. ;)

It was such a joy to see everyone who could make it to the Ice Cream Social.  Our faces hurt from laughing and we just loved watching the knee-slapping laughter coming from the kids watching BJ the Clown.  We also saw some pretty amazing face painting on the kiddos!

As we move through October, there is so much to look forward to.  Creepy, crawly spiders and bats will greet the kids on Tuesday!

See you soon, 

Sheri and Lisa

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