Sunday, October 1, 2017

Elephants and Tigers invade Small Friends.... Teacher Meghan

This week we dove into our circus unit. Our classroom was invaded by circus animals!! We read a book called "The Tiger Who Came To Tea" and had several activities around the classroom that corresponded with this book. We also read a wonderful non-fiction book about elephants that paint. On Wednesday the kids got a chance to paint just like an elephant.

In our dress up area we have a bin of glasses. The kids have been so funny to watch going about their morning business all wearing these colorful frames.  This week we had to start the blog out with a series of photos of kids in glasses.

At our texture table this week we had a wildlife safari.  The kids had a blast creating different scenarios with lions, elephants, giraffes and hippos.

At our water table this week we had a tea set and tigers. We loved watching the kids have tea parties with their tiger friends.

The kids have been loving playing in soft squishy blue play dough this week. They make the best cupcakes and cookies!

Creative juices continue to flow freely at our art easels and creation station. 

This week the kids LOVED building with magna tiles at our building table. 

At our light table this week we had two types of sensory bottles for the kids to explore. One bottle had magnetic circles that the kids could manipulate with magnetic wands. Our other sensory bottle had primary colors that created a new color when mixed. 

Different types of animals adorned the felt board.

We had a variety of  animal themed games and puzzles available. 

The kids utilized our writing area a ton this week making things for friends and family.

Around the classroom kids were busy  reading, building and creating.

On Monday one of our parent led activities was playing a game called Elefun. It involved catching butterflies in nets that are shot out of an elephant's trunk. We heard many squeals of delight and laughter during this activity.

Our second activity on Monday was "helping" a tiger to get his stripes. The kids used marbles dipped in orange and black paint to give a tiger his stripes.

On Wednesday the kids got to pretend to be elephants and paint pictures with their trunks made from feathers and a toilet paper roll.

On Wednesday the kids played a fun game where they made banana splits using different flavors of "ice cream" made out of foam balls. This game incorporated counting, patterning and fine motor skills and the kids had so much fun. 

On Friday we incorporated some big body movement into our parent led activity. The kids learned how to play hopscotch with a twist. We labeled each number with a different movement or yoga move that the kids got to do if their bean bag landed on that number.

On Friday we did a literacy activity where the kids got to tell a story to our parent about who they would invite to tea if they had a chance. Half of the class did this activity on Friday and the second half will get a chance to do it on Monday.

One of the highlights of our circle time this week was having the garden home youth librarian come to do story time on Friday. 

We had such a great week with your kids. Thank you for sharing them with us!
Meghan and Susie

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