Sunday, October 29, 2017

Spiders and pumpkin fun in the YC... Teacher Meghan

We began wrapping up our Halloween theme this week with spiders, pumpkins and a spooky haunted tunnel. 

In the water tub this week we had spiders, pitchers and a "spout". The kids had a great time reenacting the "Itsy Bitsy Spider".

At the texture table we had cauldrons and a variety of spooky things perfect for making a witches brew.

At our light table this week we had monster flubber. The kids loved cutting, squishing and squashing this wacky stuff.

Orange play dough, spiders and straws were the perfect backdrop for some Halloween baking.

At creation station and the writing table the kids got busy cutting, gluing, folding and stapling.

At the building table this week we had a haunted house with lots of fun Halloween themed animals and pumpkins. The kids had a blast acting out different scenarios with these items.

We had a fun spider game available that was a great way to practice gross motor skills. 

We had geo boards and spiders as a fine motor choice this week. The students made webs out of rubber bands for their sweet little spiders. 

We also had two new Halloween themed puzzles that the kids enjoyed solving.

At our flannel board this week we had a giant spider web made out of yarn and a hula hoop. Attached to the web were a ton of plastic bugs. The kids got busy being little spiders as they spun bugs into the web.

Here are some photos of your kids in action around the room. 

On Tuesday the kids got busy exploring all things pumpkin. They sawed  and scooped, squished and grabbed. They examined pumpkin seeds and all the goo inside. Pumpkin excavating was a huge hit!

Our second parent led activity was painting pumpkins with a fly swatter full of sparkly paint. The kids had a great time whacking away at their orange pieces of paper.

On Thursday the kids made candy corns with yellow and orange masking tape, dobbers and markers.

On Thursday the kids also got a chance to crawl through our haunted tunnel with flashlights. The kids loved this spooky experience and opted to do it again and again and again!

Thanks for all the extra help this week! We are excited to celebrate Halloween with your little ones on Tuesday.

See you soon!
Meghan and Susie