Sunday, June 11, 2017

New beginnings, OC-Teacher Susie

It is so hard to believe that this is our last week with your amazing kids!  We have loved being their teachers this year and getting to know your kids and all of you.  We are so proud of the growth your kids have made in many different areas this year.  As much as we will miss them, we are so excited for their transition to Kindergarten and all of the new beginnings they will experience next school year. 

Our room is a mix of lots of fun summer themes.  Our touch table has a picnic table, a little red wagon, some groovy girls and lots of scoops and shovels.

Shaving cream and water with beach toys filled our water table this week.

We have a fishing game on our fine motor table.

The play-doh has all sorts of nature items for the kids to incorporate into their play-doh creations.  We have pine cones, shells, rocks and fir needles. 

Imagination station had some cut out popsicle shapes that the kids could decorate with stickers, tape and markers.

We had a tent and camping chairs in our imaginative play area.  We are getting geared up for summertime fun!

We put a dice game on our light table.  Sea animals were used as the game pieces.

An underwater scene splashed it's way onto our flannel board.  In addition we had a pirate scene on a small flannel board and some magnetic fish on our magnet board.

Tree shapes, squirrels and bears invaded our building table.

On Monday we finished up two projects that we had started on Friday.  The kids completed their Father's Day gifts (shhhhh).

The kids also finished painting the t-shirts they can wear on field day.

Wednesday was our Panda party! Most of our areas transformed to include a panda theme, we had so much fun. 

One of our parent led activities on Wednesday was to make panda trail mix with the kids. It consisted of 10 marshmallows, 7 teddy (panda) grahams and 1 Tbl. of chocolate chips. The kids got to enjoy it at snack time.


Our second parent led activity was an art project we named "Picasso Panda".  The kids were blindfolded and put panda face pieces onto a paper plate.  It was kind of like an individual pin the tail on the donkey.  It was great fun and got lots of laughs.



The kids really wanted party hats so party hats they got!  We also had paper headbands.  They could decorate them with panda ears, eyes and a nose at creation station.

In keeping with our camping/outdoor theme we had a backpack relay on Friday. The kids started with an empty backpack.  They were given a clue and ran down the hall to gather the camping item that matched the clue.  Then, they put the items in their backpack.





Our other activity on Friday was wrapping Father's Day gifts and looking at the scrapbooks that the kids will receive at our program.


Here are some pictures of your kids during free play:



As always, thank you for sharing your children with us!

Teacher Susie and Teacher Meghan

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