Friday, June 9, 2017

Last days together! (YC) Teacher Sheri

As we approached our last days of school with this class, we reflected upon the year and all the ways the children have grown.  We have seen them stand up in front of their peers to speak, work on writing or pre-writing skills, be open to trying new activities, and improve at taking turns and solving problems - just to name a few.  We are so proud of them!

On Tuesday, the kids worked on a special present for their Dads.  They loved picking out and painting their "Dad you rock!" rocks.  

Inspired by our pirate song, "Over the Deep Blue Sea," the kids also made pirate faces, complete with beard stubble created with a scrub brush dipped in black paint.  They turned out so cute and will be part of the songbook they will take home with them after their program next week. 

To kick-off summer, we brought out the tent for some super fun camping play.

We put out jumbo red brick blocks like a fire pit, but they quickly had their own ideas with the blocks and it really renewed their interesting in building!

In the texture table, there were a variety of horses along with buckets and scoops.

We brought back some favorites such as kinetic sand....

...magna tiles on the building table.....

...wedgits on the light table....

....and gears at fine motor.

There was an under the sea scene on the felt board.

At creation station, we had out ocean theme stencils.  They loved coloring in the stencil or tracing the inside of the shape!

Playdough could be arranged with seashells and gems.

On Thursday, the kids took a nature hike and collected natural materials to later stick on contact paper.

They also built campfires with sandpaper logs and used marshmallows on long forks to paint flames.  Perfect art to accompany our "Campfire Pokey" song we learned this week.

The kids also decorated their Dads' gift bags and wrapped their rock.

They continued to share their houses and work on those presentation and listening skills.

All in all it was a great week with lots of fun inside and out.

We will miss each and every one of your kids over the summer and cannot wait to see them again in the fall. We care about this sweet class so much!  We appreciate YOU as well and everything you contribute to our program.

Looking forward to next week's program and showing you the songs we've been singing!

Until then,

Sheri and Lisa

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