Sunday, June 4, 2017

June is here, how did that happen??? OC - Teacher Meghan

The end of school is fast approaching and we are enjoying and savoring every last moment with these guys!! This week we played fun new games, put items in our memory boxes for the last time and started making t-shirts for field day.

On Wednesday the kids played a game called Creeping Crawlies that involved the kids having to sort bugs onto a graph based on more than one attribute.

On Wednesday the kids also placed their last couple of items in their memory boxes for the year .... sniff, sniff. These boxes will go home at the end of next week and will be a wonderful way for the kids to remember their year at Small Friends.

On Friday the kids started working on a special gift for Father's Day!

Our other activity on Friday was painting t-shirts that the kids can wear on our last full day of school when we will have a mini field day.

We had horses in our texture table this week, which the kids loved to play with.

At our light table this week we had flubber and ocean creatures. The kids loved the texture and feel of the flubber and spent a lot of time, cutting, squishing and molding this ooey gooey substance.

In our water table this week we had kinetic sand and tiny zoo animals. Kinetic sand is so fun to mold and create with. This area was popular all week.

At our building table this week we had our doll house set up. We always love watching the different scenarios the kids create when using these props for play.

At Creation Station we had butterfly shapes and a bunch of fun items to glue and color with. The kids had a blast coming up with their own wild butterflies.

Our class LOVES playing games and this week was no exception. The kids played a ton of board games, enjoyed new puzzles and several the other activities we had scattered around the room.

At circle time this week we celebrated a couple of birthdays, played instruments, read fun new books, sang songs and danced! 

We have a ton of fun things planned in our last full week of school. 

So excited to spend time with your amazing kids,
Teacher Meghan and Teacher Susie

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