Sunday, June 11, 2017

In the Good Ol' Summer Time (OC) Teacher Lisa

We had lots of fun during our final week of school celebrating summer and finishing up some special projects. As we watch your children, we see how far they've come and know that as they each move on to their next adventure, they are more than ready. We will miss them (and you) so much! But we are also excited to see what the future holds for these amazing 5-year-olds!

We had a tent set up for part of our week and there was lots of camping, picnicking and giggling at the hair-raising effects of static electricity.

There was an ocean scene up on our flannel board, with all sorts of underwater creatures to arrange and organize.

There were more underwater creatures along with gems and seashells out at our play dough table. 

At our creation station children could experiment with sea creature stencils and they had lots of fun with these! To make it a little easier for them to be successful, we taped the stencils to paper plates and then slid pieces of paper under the stencils for them to draw on. It worked quite well!

The children enjoyed our kinetic sand so much a few weeks ago that we brought it out one last time, along with various molds.

Our texture table was a crazy mix of wild horses and disco balls! Because, why not?!?

We pulled out some old favorites for our building and light tables. The Magna-Tiles are always extremely engaging, as are the stackable Wedgits. Both make wonderfully loud crashing sounds as they collapse, which is an added bonus ;).

We had a set of gears out for our fine-motor activity.

Here are some of the other toys, games and puzzles children played with during our free choice time this week:

Our parent-led projects this week were Father's Day gifts - so I won't say any more about that! Here are some photos of the children working on them, with the projects cropped out :).

Our other parent-led activity on Monday was archery. Children tried their hand at shooting soft-tipped arrows from a bow fashioned out of pvc pipe. 

The children went outside again on Wednesday for a "Camping Relay" game where they had to run down, grab an item that would be useful on a camping trip and then run back and put it in a backpack.

Friday was our Panda Day and we had all kinds of activities out to celebrate our dear friend, Panda. There was a table for making headbands or hats.

Pandas were out on our light table with black sand.

There were panda games and puzzles.

Children painted panda faces on rocks and made Panda Trail Mix out of Teddy Grahams, marshmallows and mini chocolate chips. 

Unfortunately, Teacher Sheri and I were so busy helping them make hats and wrap their Father's Day gifts that we didn't get to take many photos. Hopefully your children can tell you all about it!

We sang and danced with beanie babies at our carpet time. See if your child remembers some of the things that they did with their beanie babies, or which ones they danced with.

We also practiced songs for our program and went through many of our favorite yoga poses. Ask your child to explain the game "Yoga Surprise."

We look forward to seeing everyone in their one-of-a-kind t-shirts tomorrow and we're keeping our fingers crossed for a dry Field Day! 

Thank you all for a WONDERFUL school year! We have enjoyed every moment and will miss you and your sweet children very much.

Sheri and Lisa

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