Sunday, June 4, 2017

Here a Chick, There a Chick...(YC) Teacher Lisa

We were SO excited to walk into the classroom on Tuesday and find 9 chicks in our incubator! During the day 4 more hatched, bringing our total to 13. They were definitely the highlight of the week! 

By Thursday they were out and about and everyone got to take a turn holding them.

We have been working on one of our biggest projects with this class so far: a wooden house sculpture complete with a family. This week the children painted their houses, added clothespin people to represent each family member and then dictated a story about making it. The latter will go in their portfolios, along with a photograph of each child holding his/her house.

They were so proud of their finished products!

One of the fun things we get to do at this time of year is to pull some of the children's favorite toys back into the classroom for a little more play. To that end, the dinosaurs were a big hit. Literally - they were being hit by asteroids in the texture table all week!

There was slime on the light table, along with scissors, tiny cups and acrylic summer shapes. This is such an easy thing to make and the children really seem to love it!

The water tub had "polka dot soup" along with magnet wands and buckets. 

To celebrate our consecutive days of sun (yay!), we had paper popsicles out at the creation station for the children to decorate. Making a fancy popsicle is the next best thing to eating one!

There were Kid'Nex toys out on the building table. We always love to see what your creative children put together.

Our fine motor activity was a new one and the children loved it! There were all kinds of different pieces of fabric that they could use to "dress" people. They would lay the fabric on top of the figures and then close a lid over the top to make the person look dressed. They had so much fun putting different combinations of fabric together!

Almost everyone has finished sharing their house - they have done such a nice job, both as public speakers and as audience members. We can tell that they are ready to move on to our Older Class!

During our time together at the carpet we've been playing music with sticks and practicing songs for our end-of-the-year program.

We also did a new sun salutation series. Some of the poses in this series are cobra, downward facing dog and warrior pose. Several of our more recent series' have songs or poems that go along with them so that once the children have them memorized, they can practice yoga any time.

Here are some more candid photos from our free play time:

We are going to spend our final week together enjoying some summer activities - we will see you soon!

Lisa and Sheri

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