Sunday, June 4, 2017

Chicks have arrived! (OC) Teacher Sheri

What an awesome surprise to come in on Tuesday morning to the sound of cheeping and the sight of little chicks just hatched!

As the saying goes, "If at first you don't succeed, try try again!"  We investigated why our previous eggs did not hatch and tried another batch.  We are so glad it was successful and the children could enjoy the chicks.

They were the main attraction when everyone arrived!

It is hard to believe we were putting our last mementos in our memory boxes on Wednesday.  The kids added panda stickers to their memory book in honor of taking Panda home ;) 

They also put in butterflies to remember watching the caterpillars transform and holding the butterflies.

Our other parent helper played an Alphabet Soup game with the children.  First they identified the letter on the cans.

Then they matched a card with the letter on it to the correct can and talked about the sound the letter makes.

Finally, they drew a picture card and sounded out the first letter in order to place it in the can of the corresponding letter sound.

Around the room we had out the old favorites for fun, like slime on the light table!  They stretched it and snipped off strings of oozing slime.

And put jewels inside the slime to watch them sink down in.

At fine motor, there were scraps of fabric that could be placed inside a doll template and when the lid was closed you had created a fully dressed figure.

Dinosaurs invaded the texture table and the kids did a lot of imaginative play with them.

Magnet wands, dots, and buckets drew friends over to the water table.

With summer fast approaching we have cold treats on our brains and the kids could make giant popsicles at creation station.

The building table was full of various connectors.  It is great how they can look at a table of pieces and come up with the most inventive projects.

At carpet time, we have been reviewing the many songs that we have learned throughout the year.  It's really fun to sing them again and twice as amazing to see how much they actually remember!

At yoga, we learned a new sun salutation.

For music, the children used the sticks to play along with music and they had to follow the instructions in the song, such as "tap your sticks in the air with a 1, 2, 3...tap your sticks on the floor with a 1,2,3."

On Friday, it was chick holding day!  The kids loved this experience and thought they were so cute.

Also on Friday, each child painted their very own T-shirt.

Throughout the week kids were engaged in play....



play dough and painting...

and outdoor time!

With just one week full week left of school, we are definitely feeling a mix of emotions!  We know these sweet kiddos are ready to move on to their next adventure, yet we know how much we will miss them.

In the meantime, here's looking forward to next week when we will have lots fun with a camping theme!


Sheri and Lisa

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