Sunday, January 29, 2017

Our Final Days of Snow - Teacher Lisa

It was so good to be back at school for the full week! We enjoyed doing a few last activities with snow and are ready to move on to Chinese New Year and Valentine's Day in the weeks ahead!

One very popular activity this week was building structures with some new "Crazy Fort" building pieces. (Of course there were as many different ideas about what was being built as there were builders!) When the children arrived on Tuesday, they found our "snow fort" at the carpet:

They immediately set to adding new pieces and making it their own. On Thursday we didn't have anything started for them and it was fun to see what they created!

Another very popular activity was the basket of wind-up toys at the fine-motor table. Whether they twirled, did a back-flip, raced across the tray or wobbled and fell down, these toys kept many little fingers busy!

There were penguins splashing around in the water tub again this week and we added sponges that the children enjoyed soaking and wringing out over and over again. We also put some colorful acrylic fish into the water in case those penguins were hungry...

Our parent-led activities this week included painting with ice cubes made from liquid water colors. The children had lots of fun swirling them across their papers leaving trails of color behind.

Our second art activity was sponge painting penguins. Children started by stamping a white belly and then stamping all around that with black paint. Adding feet, a beak and two eyes completed our project and there are many whimsical little penguins hanging out in our hallway.

At the math/science table our parent-led activities were both animal-related. On Tuesday the children reached into the "ice" and pulled out some fish to feed the penguins. They practiced counting as they placed fish in the hungry penguins' bellies.

On Thursday they played a guessing game about who was leaving footprints in the snow. Ask your child to tell you which animal(s) s/he decided to play the game with!

We finished acting out "Ten on a Sled" with the boys this week. Everyone did such a good job and many were brave enough to say their line ("It's snowing, get going!") on their own.

We also learned about Emperor Penguins and how the males protect the eggs under their bellies and keep them warm while the females are off looking for food. We sang a song and tried waddling with bean-bag eggs on our feet. It was hard!

Teacher Sheri taught us a song about finding an unusual egg. Ask your child to tell you what hatched out!

Here are some of the other things that children enjoyed doing this week.

We are excited to celebrate the Year of the Rooster and begin preparations for Valentine's Day! Thanks for sharing your sweet children with us!

Until next time...
Lisa and Sheri