Sunday, October 22, 2017

Haunted houses and other spooky things -OC, Teacher Susie

It's pretty spooky in our room this time of year!  We have had fun doing lots of Halloween projects this week.  

Our water tub has been filled with colored water, cooked pasta, skeletons, eyeballs and cauldrons.  We have sampled lots of stew and soups that your children have eagerly made for us.  

Black lace and spider web baskets filled with insects have taken over our light table.  These big wooden tongs have been a great tool for picking the insects out.  Little do your kids know they are sharpening their fine motor skills at the same time.

Another fine motor skill that has been super fun this week is pounding nails and golf tees into pumpkins on our building table.


Creation station is filled with supplies to make haunted houses and paper plate ghost masks. 

Monster parts and Halloween cookie cutters have been a big hit on our play-doh table.

We have been having a blast putting on puppet shows with our finger puppets.

Here are some sweet snapshots of your kids busy playing.


We read a book called Go Away Big Green Monster and had the flannel board pieces up for the kids to use to re-tell the story.  Some of the other books we read this week are Monster Trouble, Pug and Pig Trick or Treat and Turkey Trick or Treat.


This week we have been busy with a week long art project.  The kids are building their very own haunted houses!!  We built them on Monday and Wednesday.  We added paint on Friday and will be decorating them next Monday.  We can't wait to see the finished product.

Our second parent led project on Monday was a dice game using this huge spider web.  The kids got to roll a die and then entered the web to pick up the same amount of bugs trapped in the web as they rolled.

On Wednesday we played a cooperative game.  The kids worked together to cut a paper web in spots that would allow them to free the bugs without the spider falling.  It was a great way to foster teamwork and build friendships.

For Friday's parent led activity we used vinegar to open up baking soda spider (ring) eggs.  The kids had fun using pipettes and watching their eggs hatch!


As always, thank you for sharing your children with us!

Teacher Susie and Teacher Meghan

Monster Fun! (YC) Teacher Meghan

Our Halloween fun continued this week with a focus on monsters. We made a two-step monster collage, learned new monster songs and read the book, Go Away Big Green Monster during circle time.

In our water table we had cooked pasta, skeletons, bugs, eyeballs and cauldrons. All these items were the perfect ingredients for a witch's brew.

At our texture table we had bats, large pumpkins and a variety of shovels.

This week we had black play dough that the kids loved squishing, squashing, cutting and rolling.

A huge favorite this week was pumpkins, hammers, nails and golf tees at our building table. The kids loved thumping away on these large orange orbs all week long.

At creation station we had all the materials to make spooky masks.

At our light table we had "spider webs" full of bugs. The kids used giant tongs to save the bugs from the webs. This was an exciting and different way to work on hand strength and hand eye coordination.

Things got a little silly with our finger puppet stage out this week.

The writing table is becoming more popular as friends stamp, cut, write and draw on bright pieces of paper.

As always we love to watch the kids in action as the play around the room.

On Tuesday we started a two-part monster project. The kids had the opportunity to squeeze bright colored paint on a piece of paper. Next they folded the paper in half and rubbed the paint around. The kids loved opening the paper back up to see what they had created.

Our second parent activity on Tuesday was a game called "Go Away Monster".  In this game the kids reached into a bag and tried to find the pieces that matched their game board. Sometimes the kids would grab out a monster and could say, "Go away monster" as they put the monster back into the bag.

On Thursday the kids got to add features to their monsters. Giant eyes, funny teeth, feathers and puff balls made for some scary and silly monsters. They are hanging up in our room, come take a look when you have a chance.

On Thursday the kids played a game called Shape Monster. The kids reached their hands inside a box and would pull out a shape. They would then identify the shape and feed it to our shape monster.

Outside we enjoyed the wet weather. Fall is officially here!

We had another wonderful week with your kids! See you on Tuesday,
Meghan and Susie