Sunday, December 10, 2017

Busy little elves in the YC - Teacher Meghan

The kids were busy as elves this week exploring, playing and making some special holiday surprises for their families. The blog may look a little different this week, we refrained from taking any pictures of your little ones making their holiday gifts. We did not want to spoil the surprise.

In the texture table this week there were a variety of magnetic items in festive holiday colors. Some red magnetic wands were also in the table and set the stage for lots of holiday fun!

At the water table we had sparkly red and green jewels and lots of scoops, buckets and shovels for dumping and pouring.

At our game table this week we had a gingerbread shape matching game that the kids loved. This was a great opportunity for the kids to work on sharing, taking turns and  shape and color identification.

On Thursday the kids had the opportunity to play "Bear in a Cave". This game involved rolling a die to see how many bears would go sleep in their caves. This was a fun and fuzzy way to work on one to one correspondence.

Red and green play dough was so much fun to roll, squish and create with.

At the light table we had out candy builders. The kids LOVED building with these confectionery delights.

At creation station this week we had a variety of holiday bases available to decorate and add to our class tree.

At the building table this week we had small legos. The kids loved building and creating with these small bricks.

Around the classroom the kids had so much fun playing. Here is a peek into their week.

During circle time we celebrated a birthday, Jacen (Scarlett's dad) shared a favorite book and song with the class and we read some wonderful holiday books to get into the spirit of the season!

We were so excited the sun came out this week!

We had so much fun with your kids this week and can't believe we have only one week until Winter Break.

Thank you for sharing your sweet kids with us!
Meghan and Susie