Sunday, September 25, 2016

Sunflowers and Circles in the Younger Class - Teacher Lisa

It was so good to have all of the children together in the classroom this week! After only 3 days of school they are already settling into routines and getting used to the flow of our day.

We were busy exploring circles and sunflowers this week. There were artificial sunflowers in our texture table and real ones out for children to dissect.

On Tuesday children worked with a parent to drop paint from pipettes onto coffee filters, making their own abstract sunflowers. 

Then on Thursday they glued some of the seeds from our real sunflowers onto their creations.

Another parent activity this week was golf-ball painting in a coffee can! Children rolled golf balls in paint and then put them into a coffee can along with a piece of paper. They went out into the hall and rolled the can back and forth and then returned to the classroom to pull the paper out and see what they had created.

These paintings, along with their coffee filter sunflowers, are displayed in a beautiful garden on our wall. Come in and take a look!

Our other parent activity was a color matching game. Children rolled colored dice and then placed matching balloons onto a Curios George game board. They enjoyed playing this and went back to it off and on all week.

In keeping with our circle theme, we put some CDs out on our Creation Station table, along with some sequins and other materials for children to make "sun catchers" which are spinning colorfully in our windows.

We also made "polka dot soup" in our water tub using magnet wands, colorful circular magnetic discs, and a muffin tin. We added some pipettes as well so the children could have fun squeezing and squirting.

We put dot paints out on our light table.

Other favorite activities during our free choice time included taking care of the babies in our loft and playing with all of our different toy animals.

There were lots of cars and trucks to drive around.

The play dough table, writing center and easels were very busy.

This class really enjoys puzzles - both smaller ones and some of our larger ones with 35 pieces! We'll have to keep that shelf well-stocked!

The Magna Tiles were such a hit last week that we moved them to a larger table for a little longer. Then we traded them out for Legos - also a big hit!

No matter what else is available in the room, Louise maintains her star status..

One of the stories we read this week included Put Me in the Zoo about a dog with magic spots. The children helped tell this story on the flannel board.

We also read Sitting in My Box. Ask your child if s/he can remember some of the animals that sat with the little boy in his story box and what happened when the flea came along!

We sang about icky sticky bubble gum and danced to "Bop 'Til You Drop."

We took some new toys outside during our play time and we are loving the beautiful weather. It was a great week, indeed!

Until next time...
Lisa and Sheri

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