Sunday, March 20, 2016

Aliens, Muffins, St. Patricks Day and Pajama Day in the Older Class! Teacher Marah

After building our space ships, we have been exploring aliens. We read the books Hear Come the Aliens, Mission from Planet Ziffoid and Hush Little Alien. We created our own aliens out of Styrofoam balls, as many googly eyes as we could attach and other “alien items”. They are on display in our case in the hall. 

We’ve incorporated some letters into space exploration too. We made a rocket with each child’s name and picture on it and hid them around the room. We then had name cards on the flannel board. Children went on a hunt during free choice time when they came in to see where their ships and other friends' ships were hidden. It’s a fun way to practice letter recognition and see what letters are in each of our names. 

We also had “moon sand” and the children used their name cards to write their name in the sand. They also ended up writing siblings' names, mom, dad and classmates' names in the sand. It was also fun to just play in the sand too. 

We had a fun day making blueberry muffins for snack. It was special because we had grandparents parent helping that day. We practiced our literacy skills by reading the recipe and carefully measured the ingredients into a cup. We then stirred and mixed the batter and put it into the muffin tin. Not everyone chose to put blueberries in their muffin. They were finished baking and cool enough just in time for snack time.

The daffodils we planted in fall have been blooming and are so beautiful in our garden. We picked some for a line drawing with Teacher Marah helping us figure out the shapes of the different parts of the daffodils. Some friends didn’t think they could do it, but we all worked really hard and the pictures are amazing. 


The next school day we spent painting them with water colors. 

We had an exciting time with St. Patrick’s Day and Pajama Day being in the same week. We had a hunt to find some treasure. We went in groups and first we started out on the bench outside our classroom. We had special maps and clues to take us from place to place. We got a sticker at each clue and then found the treasure. The hardest part was not telling anyone in the classroom what the treasure was so that it would be a big surprise for everyone. 

We also made a cloud with a 3-d rainbow to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. It was fun to see how they turned out. Many looked like rainbows, but some were very creative. That’s the fun of an open ended art project. Each one is so individual. 

It was very fun to get to wear our pajamas to school. We also got to bring a special stuffed animal. We had fun making hats and necklaces for them and also doing a special “Toss the Animal” to the “Throw the Beanbag” song. 

Pancakes all morning were a highlight of Pajama Day. Some liked them green, some did not. We got some 2 thumbs up! They were enjoyed by most friends! 

This class has been continuing their creations at the invention table. Lots of boxes, tape and more tape are being used. Please continue to save and bring us small boxes to be turned into something incredible. Pretty sure we have some budding engineers on our hands.

Our classroom has been very busy these days. Next we will be exploring dinosaurs!

My How We've Grown, Pajama Day and St. Patrick's Day in our Younger Class - Teacher Marah

We’ve continued talking about our homes, families and how much we’ve grown since we were babies in the younger class. We finished our houses by painting them and putting our families on them (fun clothes pins represent family members). This is one of the first projects we have done with the younger class that took more than one school day. 

When we were finished, we took a picture and they did a dictation of their house and family.

We asked parents to bring in a baby picture and a piece of string of how long their child was when they were born. We then measured how tall they are today and had them decorate the strip.

We had pictures made of what they look like now and made a card with that picture on the inside and their baby picture on the outside. With the baby picture we asked them what they could do when they were a baby and then on the inside we asked what they can do now. We also compared the string from when they were a baby and how tall they are now and talked about how much they’ve grown. The cards are displayed in the hall and we’ve been having fun guessing who that baby in the picture is and then looking inside to see if we were right. This is a fun exercise in giving them power to see that they can do so much more now at three and four and are learning to do more things every day.

This week was full of St. Patrick’s Day and Pajama Day! We made some Shamrock art.

For Pajama Day, it was on St. Patrick’s Day, so we had green pancakes! (We also had plain for those who were not as adventurous with their food).

We got to bring a special stuffed toy, so we made a hat to go on our animals. We also had fun playing in the classroom in our pjs!

A pretty exciting week to lead us up to spring break! Dinosaurs are next for us to explore.