Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Composing Xylophone Songs - Teacher Elaine

Music is an integral part of our preschool curriculum.  You can hear it throughout the morning during free play, transitions, group time and our closing at the end of the day.

As stated in the article, Introducing Preschoolers To Music, research shows that children who are actively involved in music:
*  Do better in reading and math
*  Are better able to focus
*  Play better with others and have higher self-esteem

One activity that we often incorporate is introducing our older class to xylophones by inviting them to “compose” a song.  Small colored squares that correspond to the colors found on the xylophone are set out with glue sticks and long pieces of paper.  The children glue the squares in a pattern of their choice.

Each child names his or her composition and practices the song.  

We tell the children that reading music is very much like reading a sentence.  You begin with the left square and play each corresponding color in sequence until you reach the end.  They are “reading” the colored symbols instead of words.  

The children are given the opportunity to play their compositions at group time on their parent’s help day.  

To those who are listening, we stress that being a quiet, respectful audience is very important while someone is performing. 

There is a wonderful sense of accomplishment that comes with playing their compositions for parents and a group of peers.  You can see it in their faces when they hear the applause.  

Encourage your children to sing, dance and make music at home.  Then sit back and enjoy the show!